What is SOS?

Students Opposing Substances, is a student-founded and student-driven non-profit organization that gives students the upper hand in drug-related peer pressure situations. SOS is the answer to a world wide cry for help in our generation and future generations. Simply speaking, SOS is a reason to say no, a commitment to stay clean, and with the excuse, SOS equips kids to make their own decisions. SOS is NOT a “Drug Awareness” program.  Every other drug related program informs the teen about “why” to say NO.  SOS shows kids “how” to say NO and takes the pressure off the teen.

How it works

  • A student agrees to be substance free by signing a contract with his or her parents.
  • The student then receives a saliva-based drug test which may be administered to the student by their parents.
  • The student will then receive benefits from his or her school and from sponsoring companies as a reward for staying substance free.

How students benefit

In joining SOS, students gain:

  • Trust, and as a result better communication with his or her parent/gaurdian.
  • School-based incentives or SOS corporate partner based incentives to stay substance free.
  • More importantly, SOS creates the excuse "I can't," which allows the teen to make his/her own decisions, while staying socially accepted. With SOS, teens don't have to commit social suicide when they say the one word that presents the biggest hurdle for almost half of the twelfth graders in America… “No”.  Here at SOS we are driven by a passion to end the peer pressure we face on a daily basis, and to aid other students across the country by promoting a system of accountability involving the parent and the teen. Our goal is to answer the global cry for help from millions of teens, just like us.

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